Tuesday, August 5, 2014

On the Run...

So I have been on the run, literally. In this marathon called life where 12 hour work days and my boyfriend GYM occupy my time and don't leave me much energy to blog. No excuses though, especially since my last post was in April! (Crazy right) I miss blogging and definitely want to get back into the swing of things! A lot has changed since my last post, so let's dive right in!

I'm still a gym rat! BUT I am focusing much more on living a balanced life meaning having fun and not always being so rigid with my workouts and food. Hence the nice little bottle of Grey Goose in the pic above. I still like my drink here and there! Haha, the pic above was at the Beyonce concert this past weekend. (Which was amazing by the way!!) Funny enough, since my last post in April I have only lost 7lbs BUT there is a huge difference in my body! It seems like what was just fat before has been transformed into muscle! I still have alot of toning to go but I love the progress I have made.

I continue to meal prep and have eliminated most processed foods from my diet. I eat 90% clean (fruits, veggies, proteins) and have 1-2 cheat meals a week. I still work out 5-6x per week but have switched up my routines. I noticed that I had stopped seeing results even though I was spending 2-3 hours in the gym every time I worked out (no bueno). I am now planning my workouts for the week ahead of time and trying to incorporate more full body exercises, weights, and super sets. Since doing this I have definitely seen a change in my legs (I'm pretty thick-fit right about now and I love it!) and also a change in my arms. 

Ssssshhhhh don't tell anyone but I NEVER used to workout upper body. Hence why I have little to no upper body strength lol. I am trying to improve this through weights and calisthenics. To be continued...

I continue to switch up my workouts and love trying new things! Since my body is used to getting beat up in the gym I am trying to switch it up by trying things that I don't usually do. Previously my goal weight was 135lbs, currently I am 143lbs and couldn't be happier! I am more focused on toning what I have and gaining lean muscle and honestly don't care what the scale says right about now. The scale is a liar anyways lol...

Since I have made some GAINZ I have also set new goals!! I want abs!! Yes this is something I have been talking about for awhile but I have honestly never been this close before. I can actually wear a crop top now whereas before I would not have been caught dead showing my stomach. I feel much more comfortable with my body though I still sometimes forget that I am not big anymore. For every fitness goal I attain I seem to come up with another one. Don't get me wrong I love my body, but now that I see progress I want to continue to push myself to reach a level of health and fitness that I never have before!

I still have amazing friends who keep me going whenever I am tired, feeling lazy, want to to eat bad food or lack motivation. If it wasn't for them I don't know where I'd be! I still do outdoor workouts but minimally since I work late nowadays. Hence why my new boyfriend is GYM. I am usually either at work or in the gym! 

My journey has only just begun!! Thanks to all of you who have supported me, congratulated me and been there since I started CARBSDONTKILLMYVIBE. You guys motivate me and honestly keep me going! We have some GAINZ to attain so lets get it in! 

<3 Bri