Monday, August 19, 2013

Somewhere in America Bri is at the Gym Workin! (Or on a trail lol)

Hello Loves!
Well I finished out last week super strong and am proud of myself! I worked out 6 days! Each day I mixed it up and tried different workouts in different locations. I've learned that in order to keep myself from being bored I have to keep it fresh and new!

As you all know I LOVE being outdoors when I workout. I hit 24 Hour fitness twice this week but all of my other workouts were outside. Hiking, bike riding, jogging, I did it all! 

Taking several weeks off definitely affected my fitness level. This week I noticed that I am alot slower then I was before and have kind of gotten lazy again. Each workout I try to push myself a little more so that I can get back into the swing of things.

The area I struggled the most this week was food. I'm getting tired of eating the same stuff. Chicken breasts. BLAH. Broccoli. BLAH. I need new and exciting things like macaroni and cheese and cheesecake! Ok maybe not macaroni and cheese and cheesecake but you get my drift lol... I'm trying to switch up my food options but still keep them healthy. This has been somewhat challenging because the stuff that usually makes things tasty (butter, cheese, potatoes, etc) are all things I'm only minimally using. The search for yummy healthy foods continues!!

I'm just glad to be back on my fitness. Last week I was no where near as stressed as I was weeks previous. For anyone who says they are to busy to workout, push that aside and MAKE TIME! It's worth it! Once you schedule your workouts you will find that your less irritable, less stressed out, have more energy, and feel better about yourself. It's amazing what burning a few calories can do for you! 

What will you do this week to take your workouts to the next level??????

<3 Bri

Saturday, August 10, 2013


So first and foremost, I'm alive!!! Lol. I haven't stopped working out and I'm not done blogging!

 I guess you could say I went on a temporary hiatus from posting while I got some things in order. But no worries, your favorite wanna be fitness guru is back! Lol....

So even though I haven't stopped working out I have to be workouts haven't been consistent at all. It seems like LIFE has taken over alot of the time I was previously using to get fit. This makes me disappointed in myself because I was hoping to have seen alot more progress by now. But I can't expect a bikini body if my workouts and diet are inconsistent! A healthy lifestyle without consistency is an OXYMORON. 

So instead of wallowing and sulking about my lack of progress I'm refocusing and highlighting the positives! 

Positives from my workout hiatus
1. I only gained 3lbs back so its not like I have to start again from ground zero
2. My body has gotten used to being lazy again lol. Soooooo when I hit my workouts extra hard its going to give me even better results
3. My hiatus reminded me of why I love working out! (The excess energy, better fitting clothes, and its an amazing stress reliever)
4. Recently several people have hit me up to see whats been going on with my workouts. Its nice to have that accountability! I have amazing friends and people in my corner that really care
5. I did it ONCE and I can do it AGAIN! 

So who's down to workout with me?? Let's get it!!!!!

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