Sunday, January 26, 2014

I've been drankin I've been drankin....a ton of Protein and Pre-Workout!

As the title states I've been DRANKIN! Tons and tons of protein and pre-workout! Why you ask? Because today was the LA Fitness Expo!! OMG, so it was my first time and it was AMAZING. I was really skeptical about going at first because I figured it was only for body-builders and super fit people. (Which I am neither) But I am SO GLAD I went! There were TONS of extremely fit people which was really inspiring for me. Everyone there was supportive of living a healthy lifestyle and it showed!

The expo was full of vendors each promoting their product with samples, giveaways and freebies! Of course I was ON the freebies lol... There were TONS of vendors selling protein, pre-workout drinks, and drinks to rebuild muscle after workouts. And of course I had to try them all. Hence why I was practically skipping from booth to booth lol...Next year I will be more selective on how many free samples I down so I don't feel like the energizer bunny on crack haha...

Along with the awesome vendors there were also fitness competitions, classes, and cooking demonstrations to see. I got to watch a really cool pole dancing performance, pull up contest, super kick karate demonstration and food preparation demonstration. Speaking of food prep, the craziest thing I noticed while at the expo was that EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE was eating pre-prepared meals that they had made at home! All of the people working the booths and competitors were grubbing on prepped meals in Tupperware such as grilled chicken and brown rice. The first person I saw eating a pre-pared meal was cool, but after the 6th person I was kind of tripping out! It was a reminder of how much this is a LIFESTYLE. Even though alot of the vendors and people there were from out of the area and working booths all day they made sure to prepare healthy meals for themselves. I literally did not see anyone eating fast food or anything unhealthy at the expo. It was truly a beautiful thing and totally inspired me to do my food prep once I got home. Not to mention the fact that I had a ton of energy to work off lol...

Along with all of the free stuff there were some amazing deals at the expo. I was good and only bought a cute tank top but believe me I wanted to buy more! Next year I'm going to make sure I have extra cash to use! Check out my shirt below, isn't it cute!? I have been talking about how I miss lifting and saw this shirt and knew it was destined to be mine! lol..All in all the expo was a great experience full of like minded people, good quality products, innovative fitness technology, and awesome samples! I will be back next year for sure and you should to! If you're not from the area google and see if there is a fitness expo that is held in your area. I guarantee you wont regret it.

So this week I was able to remain consistent with my eating! I didn't have a cheat meal and only consumed healthy meal options. Sadly, my workouts weren't very consistent this week. I only worked out 3x and burned a total of 3,723 calories missing the goal I had set for myself last week.

 I was able to do two major bike rides this week. I did a 24 mile bike ride with my neo Saturday and did 30 mile solo ride at the beginning of the week! Yes I said 30 MILES. My legs were so sore I could barely walk the next day. I LOVE riding though because it doesn't feel like I'm working as hard as I am. My goal is to ride my bike twice a week and to continue to increase the distance that I travel. One day I want to do a 50 mile ride! 

What are some of your fitness goals for the upcoming week? My next post I promise to update my measurements and spotlight one of the product freebies I got from the LA Fitness Expo. Have a great week everyone and LIVE HEALTHY! 

<3 BRI

Monday, January 20, 2014

Swervin on it, Swerv, Swervin on that trail

I've been swervin on all kinds of trails this week! I completed two big rides and even though my legs probably hate me for it, I LOVE IT! The first ride I completed was 22 miles round trip and the second ride was 27 miles round trip! Admittedly, I wasn't always into bike riding. In fact up until two years ago I hadn't owned a bike since I was in elementary school. But then I started dating a guy who was super into biking. Deciding to check it out I got a bike and hit the pavement. The boyfriend came and went but biking stayed! I love the feeling of freedom that biking allows. I can ride anywhere I want as fast as I want and no one can stop me! When I started working out hard core last year I decided to incorporate biking into my weekly routine and I started to notice a change in my leg strength and endurance when working out in other areas. Biking is a great way to burn calories while having fun! Honestly I would rather bike 10 miles then run 2 miles ANY DAY. But that's just me. If you own a bike dust it off and give it a ride, if you don't own a bike then GET ONE! I promise you that you won't regret it! Plus I need more people willing to ride with me hahaha...

Living in California makes me SOOOO spoiled! It's January and I am still able to do all of my workouts outside! The weather here has been an amazing 80 degrees most of the week! I completed 5 workouts this week and 1 two-a-day. I didn't see any movement on the scale though :( which is a total bummer. I keep telling myself its not about the scale and to keep doing what I'm doing and I will see results. Plus its not just about losing weight, I really want to get fit and be in better shape. So my journey continues..... 

My Polar Ft7 heart rate monitor continues to be the best thing since sliced bread lol... I decided I am going to start weekly calorie goals of how many calories I want to burn since I track the amount each workout anyways. This week my goal is to burn 4,200 calories during my workouts. Which is doable but will still push me to work a little harder! I'll let you know if I am able to reach my goal or not next week.

I have come to the realization that working out sucks some times. LOL...Twice this week I stopped MID WORKOUT and was about to give up and go home because I was tired. Working out and posting IG pics is all well and good but actually putting in the work, sweating, and dealing with a sore body is a whole other story! Thankfully both times I kept going and completed my workouts. I felt awesome after but it reminded me of how much our minds can play tricks on us. Both times my mind was telling me "Brianna you're tired, just go home, you can finish your workout later". Even though I know damn well I would have went home, took a nap, or watched TV never completing the rest of my workout! Don't let your mind trick you! You CAN do this! Even when you feel tired, go that extra mile. You're body can handle much more then your mind thinks it can. I'm glad I was able to push myself this week. How do you get past the hurdle of your mind?

So I had challenged myself NOT to have a cheat meal this week. And I made it the whole week, until Saturday night. Sadly I gave in to my temptation and had the most amazing chicken parmesan ever! lol...It was heaven. Well for 30 minutes! Then after wards I started to feel gross. My stomach doesn't process "non healthy" food the way it used to. Back to the veggies and proteins I go! lol...

So this week I am SPOTLIGHTING Chia Seeds!

You have known about Chia seeds since you were a kid and UOENO! lol...Yes these are the Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia seeds that were used for the infamous growing plants! (Don't act like you don't still remember the jingle from the infomercials because you know you do!) Instead of growing hair on a ceramic mans head they now have an even better use lol! Chia seeds may look tiny and boring but they pack a major punch. One TBSP of Chia seeds has more Calcium then a glass of milk and more Omega-3s then Salmon! Not to mention they are a great "filler food". Meaning, when you put Chia seeds into anything with liquid they expand and turn into a "gel like" consistency. Adding Chia seeds to a smoothie or even water is a great way to feel "fuller" as they act as an appetite suppressant when they expand. They don't have a taste so you can literally add them to anything. This week I have been making tons of smoothies and throwing them in. I actually DO feel fuller when I add Chia seeds. I got a small bag from Trade Joe's for $4.99, it was definitely worth it and I will totally be buying more. After perusing the Internet I found tons of cool recipes using chia seeds. If you haven't tried them you should!

Embrace your sore muscles this week and work through the pain!

<3 BRI

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Turn Down for.....Weightloss!

Losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle makes you a loser!!!!!!!  Just it does cut into your social life! Especially if you are used to partying, drinking, and eating out every weekend. I never realized how often I did these things until I STOPPED doing them. Eating, drinking, and partying aren't necessarily bad, but when you are counting calories it sure puts a damper on things. Usually if I'm trying to "turn up" it involves lots of drinks which always leads to some sort of fatty and oily food after. Oh and that wonderful little hangover that I have to deal with the next day lol...Since I started working out my "turn ups" have pretty much diminished. I go out occasionally but I am MUCH more conscious of what I consume. Now that I use my Polar Ft7 during every workout I am keeping track of the amount of calories I burn. It takes a SUPER kick ass workout to burn 1,000 calories or more. While one meal at Mcdonalds will have you consuming twice that in ten minutes. No bueno! The ends don't justify the means in that equation. Plus I hate having a hangover the next day because it usually screws up my workout and causes me to spend most of the day in bed or laying around the house like a zombie. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle doesn't have to make you boring but it DOES make you get your priorities in order. Turning up for one night, OR working out and burning a grip of calories so I can have those awesome abs this summer? I'll take the abs! 


This week's workouts were somewhat hit or miss. I worked out but I feel like I could have pushed harder and done better. I DID workout though and I maintained my healthy eating! My "treat meal" this week was sushi. (Which actually isn't that bad) The rest of the week I stuck with a mix of proteins, veggies, whole grains, and lots of water! I haven't drank soda in over a month. I've never really been much of a soda person though so it's not THAT much of a win lol...

So I decided to take monthly progress pics and measurements. In all honesty I don't feel comfortable posting my current pics BUT I promise I will once I make some progress on this stomach pudge lol...I will however provide monthly updates on my measurements. I am interested in seeing what my non-scale victories are looking like! I feel like I'm losing inches even though the scale hasn't dropped much. I wish I would have taken my measurements at my largest (187lbs) but it's better late then never! So here it goes! P.S. I went to Walmart and purchased a measuring tape from the sewing section, it was only $2.00, if you have never measured yourself and are on a weight loss journey I highly recommend it! It gives you another way to track the changes your body goes through as your journey progresses! 

My Current Measurements:

Waist: 36"
Hips: 41"
Arms: 12"
Legs: 23"

I got back into the gym this week! As you know I have been outdoors for most of my workouts. I didn't suddenly get a gym membership or anything though. I just happened to go with one of my friends who has a membership to Planet Fitness. Honestly it was kind of weird doing my workout on a machine instead of out in the elements! lol...I still prefer the outdoors but it was kinda nice to be able to use the weights, elliptical (my favorite machine) and the ab cruncher thingy. 

Throughout this journey I have experimented with alot of different dishes and tried alot of different foods. Not everything I have tried or purchased has been good but every now and then I find something awesome that helps make this journey a little easier! I figured I would impart some of my knowledge and highlight some of my favorite food finds in my posts. (No I'm not Oprah so don't expect free samples of my favorite things lol) This week I am highlighting "Vitatops"! These things are SO awesome! Each is only 100 calories and a great source of fiber! I love the Vitatops because they taste good, are good for you, and help me get rid of my sweet tooth without feeling guilty! They have tons of flavors ranging from chocolate chip, blueberry, pumpkin spice, cranberry, etc. Vitatops can be found at Target, Sprouts, and Ralphs and are under $5.00. I bought the banana chocolate chip ones today and can't wait to try them out! 

In other food news I'm having a random obsession with avocado right now. (I go through phases and currently I'm craving avocado!) This week I plan on making this yummy looking grilled chicken with avocado sauce I saw on pinterest. I think I'm going t pair it with black beans and some sort of veggies. What are you going to be meal prepping for the week?

I'm super hyped right now. I was on a Groupon binge this week and purchased an awesome deal for 10 yoga classes for $29.99 from a studio near my house! I have never taken a yoga class before but have always wanted to. I want to work on strengthening my core and improving my flexibility. Plus yoga is supposed to help relieve stress which I really need right now. I decided to practice a few moves to prepare myself for the classes and needless to say yoga is alot harder then it looks lol... Is anyone a yogi? What are some tips for a new yogi just getting started? 

<3 BRI

Sunday, January 5, 2014

LGF- Let's Get Fit!

Welcome to 2014!!
2013 was the year of change for me! Not all of it was good but it was definitely all necessary. On NYE I was reflecting over my fitness journey in 2013 and it was pretty crazy. I officially started working out and changed my eating habits January of 2013. No one thought I was going to stick to it or lose weight. Even me lol...But as I kept going and seeing results it motivated me and made me stay committed. Then in February I decided to start this blog to REALLY hold myself accountable and let other people in on my journey. Starting this blog was one of the best things I did in 2013. Even if no one reads it but me its awesome to look back on my old posts and see where I have come and the progress I have made.
Now that 2014 is here and I am back on track with my fitness I am so excited to see how my body is going to change and develop! This week I finally got the new battery for my heart rate monitor and I am IN LOVE! This Polar Ft7 heart rate monitor is like the BEST thing yet. I had no idea I was burning so many or so little calories during workouts. It really puts into perspective the amount of effort you are putting in. Previously I would jog and use an app to track the miles and went off of whatever amount of calories the app said was burned depending on the amount of time it took me to complete the miles. This method SUCKED! And I didn't even know it! lol..For example, I hiked 5 miles this week and tracked it on both my Polar Ft7 and an Iphone App called Runtastic. At the end Runtastic reported that I had burned 500 calories completing my 5 miles, whereas the Polar Ft7 stated that I had burned 1,042 calories! This is a HUGE difference. While Runtastic is great for documenting the amount of miles you complete I would NOT suggest using it for calorie calculation. During that workout I jogged/walked most of it but also tackled several HUGE hills with very steep inclines. These inclines caused my heart rate to skyrocket hence making me burn more calories. Long story short the Polar Ft7 is AWESOME and I definitely recommend it for anyone who is tracking their calories burned during workouts. It can be kinda expensive if you buy it from the store so I bought mine from eBay! 
Another tool I am using heavily these days is the MyFitnessPal App! It also rocks!! I have been inputting my exercise and food everyday and it is great! It keeps track of everything so I have a better hold on what I am eating. Even though I'm eating healthy there can still be too much of a good thing! For example I LOOOOOOOVE peanut butter and almond butter. These things aren't bad unless you eat like 4 servings! Then the calories start to rack up lol...MyFitnessPal is helping me keep a better check on my serving sizes so I don't overdo it with my fav healthy foods. I recommend that you download the app and add me as a friend! The other neat part about the app is that you can see how your friends are doing and keep one another motivated. This journey is all about accountability so don't try to do it alone! 

USERNAME: Chozengirl15

So my workouts this week were really good! I did lot of jogging and outdoor trails. The use of my Polar Ft7 pushed me to work really hard. There's something super satisfying about knowing that you just worked off over 1,000 calories! I also did an "At-Home" workout this week! Since it gets dark so early and I don't have a gym membership I have been trying to come up with alternate ways for me to workout on days that I don't go in the morning before work. After doing a little research I realized that my Wii plays YouTube videos! So I immediately found a great YouTube account called POPSUGARfitness that has TONS of workouts from different celebrity trainers!! It's awesome! I loved the quick workouts and will definitely be using this again as well as my Nike Training Club app! Fitness doesn't have to be expensive so use what you have available to meet your goals!

One of my goals this year is to really brand and expand Carbs Don't Kill My Vibe! I would love suggestions on way to improve the blog, make it better, or suggestions on things you guys would like to see me post about. Let me know what you want to see! I would love for #CarbsDontKillMyVibe to become a movement!

So as I am writing this post I just got the HUGEST craving for something sweet. I remembered I had some Greek yogurt in my fridge and decided to make this amazing "Cookie Dough" recipe I had seen on Pinterest. If you have a sweet tooth like me you will LOVE IT! I just devoured mine in 5 minutes hahaha...

8 or 6 oz yogurt + 1 TB Peanut Butter + 1/2-1 TB Honey + 1 TB Milk Chocolate Chips + 1/4 tsp Vanilla. Freeze & tastes like peanut butter-chocolate chip blizzard. 
*I substituted the honey for two Stevia packets and didn't freeze it because I was hungry now lol..

I hope everyone has an amazing week and a great start to 2014! Workout, eat healthy, and stay committed! You got this!

<3 BRI