Sunday, December 29, 2013

SORE...I Woke up Like this...

Sore is an everyday part of life when you are working out. I wonder if you ever reach a point  where you are so in shape and fit that you don't get sore. I doubt it lol...Currently my calves are KILLING me. My hike yesterday at Runyon Canyon definitely did a number on my legs! I know it's a good hurt but it can be extremely annoying when you are trying to sleep and can't get comfortable in your own bed!

So I survived the holidays. Kind of. I only worked out twice this past week (major fail considering I have been on vacation the whole time) and my eating has been all over the place. Definitely a mixture of healthy meals and cheats. I really did my best to fight off the temptation of holiday foods and I did "OK". Not great, but ok! I had three pieces of my moms infamous German Chocolate cake. BUT I didn't take any home for leftovers (gotta give myself atleast SOME props for that, especially since my Mom was practically ready to give me the rest of the cake because she knows its my favorite lol). 

How did everyone elses holidays go? Did you workout as much as you wanted? Were you able to eat healthy or did you over indulge on the holiday goodies? My favorite part of Christmas was seeing my family and having a break away from everything including working out. BUT it's time to get back to work! This year for Christmas my family decided to give theme gifts. Of course I picked fitness as my theme and totally scored some awesome stuff to get me motivated!

Thanks to my family I got some workout gear, a jump rope, wrist weights, new gloves for lifting, a subscription to "Oxygen" fitness magazine, and a cute red water bottle. With the gift cards I received I picked up a few workout tank tops and a new heart rate band for my Polar heart rate monitor! (I have been unable to use it because I lost the band and monitor) I'm really excited to use all of my new gadgets! There's something awesome about breaking in new fitness stuff! I have my eye on a few other things I want to get for the new year but those will have to wait until my next payday lol...

So of course everyone and their mom is suddenly going to be on a "fitness journey" since the new year is a few days away. Which is great! I'll have tons of new fitness partners, well atleast for a month or two until everyone falls off lol...Hopefully people will stick with the change and not let their goals fall into the abyss of "new years resolutions" that never get attained. My fitness journey started last year and will only get better in 2014! I'm going to be setting specific attainable goals for myself in order to ensure that I get my abs by the summer! What are your fitness goals for the new year??? Good luck with all of them and Happy 2014!

<3 BRI

Friday, December 20, 2013

Just Hold on we're Getting Fit...

Hey Everyone!
This is the third week of my fitness return and its going great! I have a few friends that have hit me up and said that they are starting their fitness routine after the holidays. Now thats all well and good BUT why put off for tomorrow what you can do today? Plus if you can start and maintain healthy eating habits in the midst of the holidays then nothing will be able to throw your journey off course!!

One of my major complaints with working out is the pain that you experience (soreness, injuries, etc). This week after completing one of my many workouts I got horrible shin splints. I was convinced that I had permanently injured myself. I didnt but it sure felt like it. It made me realize that in order for me to be able to work out effectively I need to be injury free. I'm not saying you should stop working out because of every ache or pain BUT i think its imperative that you listen to your body and dont cause yourself permanent injury. Thankfully after a goodnights rest and massaging my legs I felt much better the next morning and was able to get back on my workouts. 
So the scale was NOT my friend this week. I didnt drop any weight :( whereas last week I went down 5lbs. Which confirms my initial suspicion that it was just water weight. But thats ok. Im honestly much more focused with losing inches anyways. Ive kept up with all of my workouts and feel proud even if the scale isnt reflecting it. 

I posted the photo above on my IG this week because I felt it really speaks to why I have embarked on this journey. I always turn to Pinterest or IG when i need a little motivation or inspiration. Why do you workout? What benefits have you noticed in your life since your fitness journey started? I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas! Stay on your workouts but allow yourself some sort of treat! For example my Mom makes the most AMAZING and calorie filled German Chocolate Cake on the planet. I literally look forward to it every year! Now usually I would happily consume several pieces and take home left overs to enjoy. This year the multiple pieces of cake and left overs are a NO-GO! Im allowing myself to enjoy one piece but THATS IT. Set your limits and stick to them. 

<3 BRI

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Pretty Hurts....and so Does Working Out!

But atleast it's a good hurt! BTW if you haven't listened to Beyonce's new album you need to get your life because its epic! It has gotten me through quite a few workouts this week!

So I am SUPER proud of myself! I met all of the goals I set at the beginning of the week! I worked out 6 days and did a 2-a-day for one of them! That's a total of 7 workouts in 7 days. Pretty beastly if I do say so myself! 

Once again all of my workouts this week were outside. I hiked, I jogged at the beach, and I hit the track at a local college. Variety helps keep my workouts interesting! It's still taking me awhile to get my endurance back to where it was but it is slowly getting there. This week I was EXTREMELY sore. Probably because I tried to push myself as much as possible during each of my workouts. I am going to try to do better about stretching and alternating workouts so that parts of my body can rest and rebuild. 

According to the scale I dropped 5lbs this week. It's awesome to see the scale go down but I realize that the number on the scale doesn't necessarily reflect the amount of work being put in. That 5lbs could merely be water weight. (Which I'm pretty sure it was since I usually drop my first 5lbs pretty quickly once I get back into my workout routine) My focus isn't the scale but rather how my body looks and feels. I am serious about having abs by October! 

This upcoming week is going to be a serious challenge for me. The holidays has brought nothing but candy, cookies, potlucks and parties! It's hard to avoid! I have a massive sweet tooth and have been doing my best to fight my cravings by having yummy healthy snacks on hand at all times. (Granola bars, trail mix, etc) There is a HUGE chance I'm going to eat a few bad things this week though. However, instead of beating myself up over it I am going to focus on portion control and making smart choices. I'm going to try to stick to the healthiest options provided at the functions I am attending and am going to keep a close eye on my portions. No seconds! 

If I can survive the holidays I can survive anything! lol... Another way I am going to combat the holidays is by continuing to pre-prepare my meals. I cruised pinterest and found some neat recipes that I can't wait to try. The first is an avocado salad. (I have this obsession with avocado, especially since I have been eating healthy) The recipe contains, one small avocado, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, cilantro, red onions, and shrimp with a teaspoon of olive oil and seasoning to taste. I can't wait to try it!

 As far as my workouts go for the upcoming week I plan on working out at least 5x and completing one 2-a-day. I really want to become a better runner! Well actually I want to become a runner period! Right now I would say that I'm more of a "walker" or a "jogger" but definitely not a "runner". I classify a runner as someone who can run a mile straight without stopping. So until I can do that, I'm not a runner. BUT I'm on my way to becoming one! Did I mention that I hate running? Because I absolutely DETEST it. I find it extremely horrible because I have knee problems, hate sweating, and have activity induced asthma so I seem to have a difficult time getting my breathing under control. All of these are minor excuses though and I refuse to let them hinder me from my journey of becoming a runner!

It's a great feeling to be on this journey and I can't wait to see the progress I will make in the next couple of weeks! Eat clean, train dirty, and don't give up!!!!!

<3 BRI

Sunday, December 8, 2013

There's Levels to this Ish...

Hey Everyone!!!!
So I completed my first week back on this fitness journey and it went great! My goals were to workout 5x during the week and to eat all of my pre-prepared meals. I succeeded and completed both! I got through all of my workouts and didnt buy any fast food until my cheat meal lol...This week my goal is to workout 5x during the week with one of the days being a "two-a-day", eat all of my pre-prepared meals and snacks, and drink lots of water! There is definitely "levels" to this fitness stuff! I'm like on Level 2, but thats ok! lol

Even with the rain, all of my workouts this week were outside and I loved it! There's something about working out in nature that is so peaceful. Plus it's way more fun then being on a treadmill! I was somewhat disappointed with how hardcore my workouts were (they seemed so weak compared to what I was doing before) but I plan to step it up little by little as I ease back into my regular workout routine.

This week I figured I would give you guys a look into my meal prep! Sunday is my grocery shopping and cooking day (it literally takes all day but it's worth it!) This week I decided to make lean ground beef meatloaf balls, squash, broccoli patties, and garlic baby potatoes.

The broccoli patties didn't turn out that great but everything else tastes super good! I tried to add as many veggies as possible (hence the broccoli in the meatloaf balls). 

Prepping my meals saves me time during the week and gives me the ability to eat healthy without grabbing something questionable last minute. It also gives me more time to get my workouts done! This week I will also be eating salad, steamed artichokes, and greens. Eating healthy doesnt mean you can't eat good! What are you're meals going to consist of this week? Take the time to plan or plan to fail! 

<3 BRI

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Been on my Worst Behaviour....

But I'm back on my fitness so its OOOKKKK!! lol...I feel super proud of myself because I prepped my food on Sunday and have worked out everyday since! So I have a confession, my gym membership expired (I know I know) and I haven't renewed it yet. BUT I didn't let that stop me! I have been hitting up some of my favorite outdoors spots and have even found a few more new places. Being broke definitely makes you become creative lol...

I'm really excited because I feel like I've got my mojo back! I actually WANT to work out again. As you know I have been in a rut off and on for a few months. I feel energized and motivated to make more progress again. And I really appreciate those of you who have worked out with me or given me words of encouragement! You guys are AWESOME!

I'm trying to have abs by summer so you guys better get ready! lol...Lately I have been perusing IG for fitness inspiration; and there's alot out there! I love Angela Simmons because she is ALWAYS on her fitness, works out daily with a trainer and posts healthy meals. I definitely suggest using her for inspiration. But I have also found really awesome regular people who are on a journey to live a healthier lifestyle. Following fitness people on IG may seem like a small thing but for me it helps! I need CONSTANT reminders as to why I am on this journey. Because if I don't I will be at Roscoe's ordering a Jean Jones with a quickness, lol....I try to keep as much fitness stuff around me as possible and even started subscribing to SHAPE magazine! (Mostly so I can cut out inspirational pictures to post around my house)

You have to find what works for you but whatever you do stay committed. Looking back, if I had been consistent these past three months instead of falling off I may already have had my abs! But its ok, because getting fit is a lifestyle and not a race. Even if it takes me 6 months, I WILL REACH MY GOAL. What's your fitness goals right now????

<3 Bri