Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Because I'm Happy

I workout because I'm happy and I'm happy because I workout. It really is an awesome continuous circle. Like I said before I am an emotional eater. These past two weeks I have been stressed, sad, happy, mad, pretty much every emotion you can imagine. But the difference between this time and others is that I did NOT use food as my vice to make myself feel better. Instead I channeled my energy and pushed myself to workout.

The craziest part is that it worked! There's definitely something to be said about endorphins. When you exercise your body releases endorphins. Endorphins are like a euphoric high that your body gets when you engage in physical activity or things that enduce pleasure. Endorphins basically make you feel happy, energized and ready to conquer the world!

Usually food would give me that feeling of euphoria or comfort but instead I have been able to tap into that same feeling using exercise. It's awesome. I'm sure you may be reading this like "ya sure, working out makes you feel good, blah blah blah" BUT I'm serious! After a long day my body craves the release of a good workout. When I don't go to the gym I feel like I am missing out on a function lol.. This may be small for some people but for me it's huge. Working out has become a habit and a regular part of my lifestyle. I have now been consistent on this journey for 3 months and it's not stopping anytime soon!

This week I continued to incorporate lower body and upper body workouts! I am beginning to notice myself gaining muscles. Recently I had a friend ask "Aren't you worried about getting big?" To which I respond "Hell no!" Muscle burns fat! I'd much rather gain muscle which will in turn burn more fat and help me get slimmer and more toned. I am NOT trying to be a body builder, BUT I am trying to gain lean muscle. There is a huge difference. Below is a video of me doing weighted squats in the gym. I am trying to focus more on my form and keeping my back straight. If you don't squat right they don't count!!!!!!

Oh AND I squatted the most I ever have (picture above) 205lbs!!! Don't mind the face, that's just me handling business hahaha.. I look forward to my upper body and lower body days at the gym. If you are just doing cardio I strongly suggest that you incorporate weights into your weekly routine! I guarantee you will start to see a significant difference in your body. 

Thanks to an idea from my friend Matthew I am participating in a 40 day Challenge to give up being fat for lent!! During the 40 days up until Easter I am focusing on eating clean, and taking my workouts to the next level! We are going to do weekly group workouts and generally support one another through this journey. It's all about beasting the next 40 days and working out harder then you have before! It's not to late to join! Post your daily workout pics and use the tag #40daysofbeast. We are in charge of making our bodies what they are. Don't you want to make yours the best you have ever had??

Good luck to everyone this week! Work your ass off and get them gains! 

<3 Bri


  1. HA! I love that you squat so much weight. I hope I can get up there someday. I just recently started to squat with weights and I got to 30lbs. Next time I hit the gym I am going to try 40lbs. But 205lbs? go girl!

  2. Squats are really interesting and very beneficial. I also like to do this. Thank you.