Sunday, March 23, 2014

I'm a Runner I'm a Runner I'm a Runner!

Well not yet, BUT I'm going to be!!! Recently one of my sorority sisters invited me to participate in Mudderla, a 5-7 mile muddy obstacle course! I have NEVER done anything like this and am excited and nervous at the same time.

I hate running. No really, I hate it. Throughout this fitness journey I have avoided running like the plague. And honestly it's worked until now. I lost 35lbs doing other forms of cardio (hiking, biking, stair master, elliptical, etc) and have made major progress! Since I have lost the bulk of my weight I am having a much harder time getting off these last pesky 10-15lbs. They say that when your body stops responding you have to switch things up and try things you don't usually do. The only thing I really don't do is RUN. You rarely ever find me on a treadmill or running on a track. But now that is EXACTLY where you are going to find me.

My upcoming participation in Mudderella as well as a desire to get rid of these last few lbs has motivated me to start running. A few days ago I hopped on the treadmill and ran as fast as I could. I was able to complete a mile in 11 minutes 14 seconds. For most people this is an extremely slow time but for me this was a HUGE success. I remember last year when I ran a mile on the treadmill my fastest time was 14 minutes. This definitely proves to me that I am becoming faster and stronger! My goal is to get my time under 10 minutes within the next 4 months. I still hate running, but I am willing to push myself outside of my comfort zone to try something new and to get the results I desire. 

I've been all about the challenges recently! This week I completed MankoFits 5 mile challenge and loved it! It was a quick workout and I was able to burn 673 calories. It was a great overall workout and I would definitely do it again. 

Another personal goal I have is to tone my stomach. I want to be wearing crop tops this summer! I cant seem to get rid of this "pudge" in my belly and it is driving me crazy! I'm hoping running will start to help with this, BUT I have also started specifically working out my abs. (Another area I have neglected) I did research on good ab exercises and consulted with friends that are trainers. I came up with a solid 15 minute ab routine that I am doing every morning when I first get out of bed. #AbsBySummer

Last weekend I got to participate in the most amazing fitness day ever sponsored by Nike. It was called the Nike Training Club Tour and it was the first ever held in Los Angeles. Everything about it was awesome! For $75 we got to walk into a fitness mecca at Santa Monica beach. Me and my friends took awesome classes by Nike trainers all day (10:00am-6:00pm) and got fed tons of healthy food all day from Whole Foods and other sponsors. There was a huge abundance of snacks such as fruits, fresh squeezed juices, granola, and snack bars to give us fuel in between our workouts.

There were also celebs in the house! Above is the quick pic I snapped of Gabby Douglas. She spent the whole day participating in exercises, workshops, and Q&A's. Skylar Diggens was also present at the event. The exercises and classes offered were no joke! I burned tons of calories and pretty much got my ass kicked. I took a High Intensity Training Class, Cycling Class, and Barre Fitness class. It was super inspiring to see so many people focused on being fit and living a healthy lifestyle. There was also a hair braiding bar and free manicures and massages!

In true NIKE fashion we all got hooked up with tons of swag!!! Each participant got a rose gold Nike Fuel Band. And after taking the barre class we were notified that we would be allowed to take home the special yoga shoes we had used! Needless to say I was SUPER hyped because these shoes are $120! I loved everything about the event and will for sure be going next year. If you hear about an NTC Tour in your area SIGN UP! You wont regret it!!

#40daysofbeast continues! I have been hitting the gym daily, got in two group hikes and a few partner workouts with friends! Oh and I did yoga! Yoga is the ish BTW. It takes alot of core strength and the whole relaxation part is helping with my stress level. This upcoming week I plan to continue hitting the gym, yoga class, lifting, and my daily ab routine. Summer is right around the corner. Lets get these results!

<3 BRI


  1. OMG! Your going to do Mudderella? When and which mud run? I did it last year and I has such a good time. I was crazy tired afterwards but it was great. A couple of my friends and I went and did it and my friend is the official trainer for the race, so we had a good time! :)

    1. I'm doing the So Cal mud run in October! I've never done it but I'm extremely excited!! Hopefully I dont die hahaha